Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What To Do Wednesday: Make A List...

Spring is [unofficially] upon us!  I'm sure, like me, many of you are excited to get out and start gardening away.  But with so many ideas in mind, where to begin??  Filled with anticipation and inspiration, I find the best way to channel all that creative energy is by making lists - fun lists!
What veggies do I like to eat?
What veggies have I tried growing before?
What color flowers do I like best?
(Check your kitchen - you may already have a list!)
 This is my quick-start Step #1 to gardening.  And my Step #2 is seed shopping.  Seeds are not only inspiring but they are often easy to do - and cheap.  With most seed packs, if you get even 50% yield (stuff to grow), in 3-6 months you could save $100 or more, compared to buying transplants.
Here in Phoenix, I have two places I love shopping for seeds, Southwest Gardener and Baker Nursery.  Both carry seed brands that are of good quality and are produced in the southwest region.  Best of all, the folks that work at these establishments have grown many of the seeds before and I can ask them their tricks and tips.
(Seeds galore, ready for the picking.)
 Want a good tip?  Set yourself a budget of $20bucks and go for broke.  Buy a tomato and a pepper; a zucchini and a broccoli; try some basil and chamomile; and don't forget some salvia and zinnia.  The selections are endless!  Don't forget to ask questions before you leave the shop, then get home and do a little homework yourself.  Some seed companies have a wealth of information on their websites.  My favorite, Botanical Interest, actually has a phone app for that!
(Seed junkie on the loose - mmmm, my precious!)
 Before you know it, you'll be hooked (like me) and will be spending $20 each month on seeds - yikes!  Happy shopping!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Feature - Your Garden

It's a new year - time to look within!  Well, within your own space and explore your own garden.   Many of us spend a lot of time, money, and resources trying to fix things about ourselves and our lives.  Maybe this is the year we start focusing appreciation and gratitude toward things about us and right around us. 
So without fully channeling my inner Depak, let's just start with that 'ol space outside.
Take a look (and a walk) around and ask yourself these questions:

What 2 things would I most like to change in my garden?
What 3 things do I really like just as they are?
In my garden, if I could pick a 'Bliss Spot' where would that be?
Which tree is my favorite tree, and why?
How many different forms of wildlife/nature did I see today?
Who do I know would really love to see my garden right now?

It's yours!  Find the joy and beauty of it every day.  Then do something - grand or subtle - to make it more special for you.