Garden Workshops & Lectures:
Inspiring lectures and hands-on activities focused on green living.
Edible Garden Design: 
Creating gardenscapes that organically serve nature and satisfy the soul. 
Hands-on Coaching Instruction:
Sharing proven tips and techniques for holistic care of plants, crops, and nature.
Landscape Consultation:
Helping homeowners and businesses beautify spaces in an environmentally friendly way.

Vynnie McDaniels has been gardening in the Valley of the Sun for over 15 years. Some of his handy work has graced the pages of Phoenix Home & Garden, Popular Mechanics, and Dwell magazines.  He's been on various local television programs, and in spring 2008 he was featured on Sundance Channel's 'Big Ideas for a Small Planet'. As a Master Gardener, Vynnie has a passion for working with a multitude of plants - native, tropical, and otherwise - applying permaculture concepts and xeriscape principles to design naturescapes that attract a plethora of wildlife (and a few humans too).   With an 'wholistic' approach to edible gardening and an inventive sense for landscaping solutions, he teaches workshops throughout the year with a host of local business, institutions, and garden clubs.  

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