Sunday, September 27, 2009

High-Tech Dirt

When it comes to garden chores, I can be quite efficient (some might call it 'lazy'). Compost is often the most tedious chore of all. I figured it was time to try something innovative and let technology work for me. So, I got myself the eComposter. This ain't your grampa's tumbler. No cranking, no shoveling, no turning or churning. I just take it out for a roll around the yard and let the high-tech design take care of the air flow and stirring.

For the
eComposter, I filled it with all my material:

paper waste
(tissue, shredded documents, paper bags, etc.)

veggie kitchen scraps
(old lettuce, cut flowers, banana peals, etc. - no meats or oils)

lawn clippings
(grass blooms, weeds - no worries)

yard waste prunings
(no diseased plants, no bougainvillea, no ruellea, no cactus)

Add water and mix. It's just that simple! Now we'll see how long (or not) this baby takes to make me some good '
ol garden gold.

Stay tuned....