Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Grown Good Stuff...

Make your own compost!
It's fun! It's Easy! It's free!

Make a pile out of lawn clippings, tree litter, leaves, old dead plants. No need to be too scientific about the mix of brown (carbon) and green (nitrogen) materials. The best thing for compost is kitchen scraps. Make a hole, dump them in and cover them up (helps keep the flies and gnats away).

Turn the pile with a shovel or pitch fork and water it to keep the micro-bugs active. Do this weekly or so.
(I turned this pile every other day when I took out kitchen scraps.)

About eight weeks later I had brown gold - nature's alchemy! Use it as a planting soil, fertilizer amendment, or top mulch. Anywhere in the garden, it's good stuff!
Check out my compost workshop coming up at the Phoenix Downtown Farmer's Market.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

In The Gardener's Garden - 2009-04-04

Life is good...

My wife and I spent some peaceful time in the garden today (trying very hard to ignore the wind). So to help focus, I ran off to the frontyard and cut a few things for little vase (Don Juan roses, raspberry snapdragon, nasturtium).

As the wind settled, all the birds came out to eat, and the whole verdin bird family came to visit

But a gardener's work is never done. I have to go prune some edibles and cook them up for dinner!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Must See at the DBG!

If you haven't been to the Desert Botanical Garden lately, now is the perfect time to go. The Chuhuli glass works are spectacular and there is still time to see it. This exhibition is sure to inspire and amaze. Be sure to check it out during the night time and the daytime.