Vynnies Quick Tips for Easy Compost

#1 – To compost – just start with a pile.  Make a pile on the concrete pad by the garbage cans, in the back corner of the yard, behind a large shrub right in the garden.  Large or small – or using a tumbler, city bin, pallets, chicken wire frame – anywhere you make a pile, your compost will start to happen.

#2 – To start you compost pile, use lawn clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings, tree shreddings – any yard waste you have (or your neighbor has).  The more fine, chopped up, mulched the stuff is, the better.  Even paper material from inside the house, run it through a shredder.

#3 – If you have veggie scraps from the kitchen, you can add them to the compost.  This includes coffee, tea, old wine, bad fruit, and more.   Be sure to always bury your kitchen veggie scraps deep into the compost pile.  This helps keep critters and bad flies away.

#4 – Water your compost pile weekly.  Keeping it moist (not wet) makes the bugs happy and they work harder.

#5 - Mix and aerate your compost pile weekly.  Use a shovel, a pitchfork, a long rod, and fancy compost mixer-aerator thingy – whatever.  Make holes deep in the pile move things from left to right, from front to back, from top to bottom.  Any little bit helps to keep the bugs active and prevents smelly compost.