Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Menu - Chard Salad

Looks like warm weather is finally here to stay (although, it still isn't officially summer - even though it's 110* degrees!).
Time to start clearing out the spring crops and cranking up the compost. But don't pull that chard just yet. It may still have a couple more lives left in it. Like in a salad...

(click on image to enlarge and drool)

My wife created this amazing salad which I just love
- chopped chard
- cucumber
- tomatoes
- beets (roasted)
- avocado
- feta cheese
- sunflower seeds (or pine nuts)
- light drizzle of vinaigrette

It is de-li-ci-ous! I've now deemed it one of my favorite meals. You could add some baked salmon or grilled over it. But I just like it in a bowl with a big spoon. mmm mmm yummm!

(even LuLu can't resist it. SHOOO!!)

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