Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Feature - Sunflowers!!

It's almost summertime and the sunflowers know it!  If you're looking for a plant that will do wonders for your garden through the warm season, this is it.

The great thing about sunflowers is they can be grown from seed - easily!  Just remember, they are called SUNflowers for a reason, they love lots of sun.  The more sun, the bigger the flower, and the taller they grow.  Good watering is the other key component. 

I poke my seeds into the ground near a drip emitter, where they can be watered on a timer.  Another good spot is next to pots in the garden where seeds will thrive on residual watering.  

Against a block wall is a great location for sunflowers to stand out.  You can even plant them in a row next to a path or the sideway to create a living fence.   Whatever you try, you're sure to have some degree of success with sunflowers.  So go wild and enjoy the summer!

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Garden Goddess said...

I had several hundred sunflowers that came up from seed from LAST years plants. The birds LOVE them and scatter the seed. With the wet winter and sping these seeds went crazy. I pulled most of them out before they could flower and I am down to the last 6 - they are taller then me. They will come out soon as well.