Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday What To Do

Like most, I enjoy container gardening. But often, we think of use containers to fill bare spaces like patios and entry ways. You know, hardscapes. Here in Phoenix (and other parts of the southwest) where it's over 100* degrees or more (much much more), these hardscape areas can be 10-20 degrees hotter. Certainly, not a place for plants we love, right?

(chard, oregano, and thyme enjoying summer amongst friends)

So, try container gardening . . . in the garden. This beautiful large red pot functions as a raised bed for some sun loving edibles. It also adds a nice pop of color amidst a mass of green. The soil is a well draining mix of rich organic compost, topped with a deep layer of bark mulch to reduce dry out. I also hooked it all up on drip emitters (1/2gal per hour) so it gets watered with my other landscape edibles 3days per week.
Even if you use a smaller container, a good layer of mulch will keep the soil moist enough to avoid daily watering.

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