Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Feature

It's Friday and thought I'd feature an awesome plant for you:

Come again, you say? Yes, I do love my botanical names, and for good reason. From Florida, to Tennessee, to Texas, this lovely garden superstar goes by many different names; orange justicia, orange plume flower, mexican firecracker bush, and most recently, mexican honeysuckle. (eeee gads)

So, using the good ol' botanical name I know I can talk to any nursery specialist and find the exact plant I'm looking for. Here in Phoenix, I shop at Baker Nursery, a local haven for the most proven native adapted plants.

Our daytime high temperatures have been over 110* degrees (as high as 116*) for the past three weeks, and my orange justicia hasn't stopped blooming. In fact, I'm seeing a resergence of new bloom heads all over the plant. So if you don't have this beauty in your garden yet, maybe you should should give it a try. Your hummingbirds will thank you.

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