Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Feature - Mulch

If you've ever attended my workshops, you know I'm a big on mulch. But does mulch have to be so bland and barky?

I found this great blog featuring some great ideas for mulch:

Why is mulch so important?

It keeps the soil from drying out too fast, reducing the need to water so often. Frequent watering leaches away nutrients from the potting soil.

Mulch helps preserves moisture (not water) in the soil. This allows the container to dry out evenly, so that the soil at the top isn't dry (where you check it), while the soil in the bottom of the pot isn't soggy wet.

It also functions as erosion control to keep soil from washing away when you water.

The great thing about using unconventional materials like marbles, pebbles, or seashells is that they don't degrade like the traditional bark mulch.

Most important to me? It has to look good. So try something different and add a little permanent flair to your containers.

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