Sunday, July 10, 2011


Alright, that last post even got me depressed, looking at all that dead stuff - in MY garden!  I'm sure it probably wasn't very inspiring for you out there.  So, to put a smile back on your screen, I thought I'd share some of my 'Firsts' of the season.

Our first batch of heirloom tomatoes!  And this from one of our plants weathered over from last year. 
(Frank can't wait for his first lick of salsa.)

This was the first year we grew strawberries (planted 2010Nov), and they have produced constantly since April.  Even more since June - who knew they loved summer so much!   
(Putting this one on my vision board.)

We had our fist wave of cosmos wildflowers since 2004!  I think there is too much shade in the back garden.  mmmmm...shade....
(Calling all butterflies!)

This year we grew zucchini from seed, and even under the shade of our huge pine trees, they're putting out nice fruit. 
(Smiling big for zucchini!)

(First zucchini-tomato tryst.  Hey you three, get a fridge!)

(This big guy was able to barter for a whole dozen eggs.)

Much to my surprise, our lisbon lemon tree even budded up it's first fruit.  Pretty early, but I hope it's a good sign of things to come. 
(Here come the lemons!)

Perhaps the best first of the season, was our first ever patio umbrellas.  They have done so much for the garden already.
(Our first love - sanctuary!)


Sue said...

Sorry about all the garden "deaths" but it sure looks like your getting nice produce despite the high temps and humidity!

rosiemomma said...

I love how you show us the good, bad and ugly in your posts. Oh and the cute (Frank). If you're able, would you mind sharing what type of strawberry you planted and maybe a bit about what you've done to help it thrive? I've heard mixed messages about trying them here in the Valley. Thanks!! said...

Glad you are enjoying the 'REAL" side of gardening. Coming up this Fall, I will go into nice detail about strawberries (and other goodies) in Phoenix. The source is more important than the type. Buy from local grower/nursery, and ask questions.

Cherie said...

Vynnie, just found your blog. Wonderful! I've gotta make one too. Loved this peek into your garden!

Cherie Cz