Sunday, July 10, 2011

About That Summer Gardening Thing...

Okay, I kinda take it back.   Just becuase you're not outside right now, doesn't mean you're not a 'real' desert gardener.  I mean, it IS pretty hot.  Well, let me be more specific; it's rediculously hot, and CA-RAZY humid!  That's where I draw my line.  110*degrees+, combined with humidity above 20%percent would only feel pleasant if you have webbed wings, a barbed tail, and red is your favorite color.   I'm just a 'dry heat' kind of guy.
(Hey chickie, off the nice lawn!)

In honor of the impressive heat, today I'd root for the hot Team USA in the Soccer World Cup, while I do some indoor gardening, in the form of reflection.  Here is a brief peek at what's been happening - er, not happening - here at Xericopia.  Hope your garden is surviving through it all.  Would love to hear about it!
(Farewell to my seedlings.)

(Farewell to more seedlings...)

(Tomato plant hanging on by a crispy thread.)

 (Lavender?!  Seriously?!)

(Even my luecaphylum texas sage can't cope with this humidity.)

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