Sunday, June 05, 2011

Is This Thing On...?

Okay, so my attempt to blog for 30 days wasn't quite successful.   I didn't think spring would require so much outdoor time.  So just a quick catch-up, here are the top ten things happening here at Xericopia:
(1) Got a new greenhouse built (yea!!).  Now all my little seedlings can suffer in the quiet comfort of shade.

(2) Started two new waves of crops.  First wave planted out was: eggplant, tomato, squash, cucumber, sunflower, hollyhock, collards, kale, and dill.

(3)  Watched my collards, kale, and dill die a slow death from aphids and powdery mildew from all that non-stop wind.  (I should've planted kites instead.)

(4)  Second wave of crops getting happy and ready to graduate: Cucumber, sun gold tomato, thai eggplant, bell pepper, hibiscus, beet, purple carrot, lemon balm, rainbow chard, italian kale.  (Oh yeah, that's how I roll in the heat)

(5)  The hotter it gets, the more blooms I see - cactus, zephyranthes, hibiscus Oh My!

(6)  Harvested our first tomato of the season.  This heirloom plant weathered over from 2010Spring and is producing like crazy. 

(7)  I learned flies have at least one redeeming quality, they pollinate strawberries.  We have been harvesting a handful of strawberries every week (damn flies)

(8)  Acquired some amazing patio umbrellas from World Market.  Now we have even more sanctuary in the garden. 

(9)  The ipomea morning glory is on the move.  I guess that means summer is really here. 

(10)  Sent Vynnie the Gardener to Bartlett Lake for a little break with friends.  Vitamin D is essential to garden health, ya know.

So thems the happs 'round these parts here at Xericopia.  Loads more to come.  Keep shady!

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grrlscout said...

Yurp. After a nearly two year long run, my swiss chard finally ate it, due to powdery mildew and aphids. They were doomed anyway, as we just turned off the water at the old house.

Looks like I managed to kill the artichoke and thyme, via attempted transplantation. Lemon balm, catnip, and dwarf pom have survived the move, but are still in pots. Nothing in the dirt yet at the new house, so I'm gardening vicariously through your posts.