Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Gardening Season Begins...

Yes.  it's June, and now the gardening season begins....Here, in Phoenix.  If you're not willing to garden during these toasty months, keep your seat and watch the big kids play. 

I spent much of April and May in the whirlwind of house projects.  The frontyard farm beds are built and planted.  Two shade trees installed.  A new roof finally happened (perhaps the most un-nerving week of my life).  Immediately followed by some much needed extreme pruning.  So much, I didn't even compost it all.  A lot of it was bougainvillea and oleander, so no real heartbreak.  All this in preparation for the house painting to come.  
(brbrbrbr! crack-crack-crack! thud-klunk! thud-klunk! pop-pop-pop! brbrbrbrbrbrbrbr!!!!)

(With the bougainvillea fully grown, this wall is rarely seen.)

(I'm all for going green, but this might be over doing it.)

(Since when did gardens become storage units?)

With the garden converted to a garage, not much planting was in the cards.  Thus, birthed the new mission of keeping hope alive - and all my little seedlings.  The spring was incredibly nice, and summer has now arrived with muscles flexed in the shape of a lot of 110*days in the forecast.  
(Where's Hawkeye and Pierce?  This is the triage tent, right?) 

So while the house got stripped, shaved, and a new makeover, I got into some serious gardening - COMPOSTING!  Yup, this is real gardening.  If your not willing to grow your own dirt, you've just got a yard hobby.  That's the great thing about composting; it can be done anytime of the day, anytime of the year, and you're still making nice progress.  I haven't purchased a mulch/soil/amendment product in over four years.  And I have a jug of fertilizer on a shelf that I've pretty much forgotten about.  For me, it's all about sifted soil and compost tea to make a happy garden.

And the yard work just keeps on coming - but this I'm not complaining about.   Firing up the new barbecue grill garden is a little sweat time I'll gladly sign-up for.
(Vynnie the Gardener chillin' and grillin' at Xericopia!)


blue star stitcher said...

I'm just hoping to keep my plants limping along until cooler weather in Phx returns. Your garden looks wonderful by comparison.

Sue said...

Gardening THIS time of year in Phoenix? Hmmmm. You're a brave soul. My son is visiting from Mesa---I'll have to let him know he's not supposed to sit inside when its 113 degrees!
You've got a lot of projects's going to look so nice.