Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Feature - First Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend?  It's going to be a great time to enjoy the night out.  Why not do something adventurous and check out First Friday.  This is the premiere artwalk in the state, and is actually one of the biggest in the country.
Roosevelt Row is the main hub for what's happening downtown, just south of I-10 off 3rd Street.  The scene is so full of energy, they sometime close off a few blocks just for foot traffic (and a bevy of street performers).  The cornerstone of it all is MADE Art Boutique, one of my favorite places to buy cool, funky books and jewelry.  Here, you can find out about what's happening, where to go, and you might even see someone you know.   

And from there, the fun just spills down the block and around the corner, with JoBot Coffee, Lost Leaf Cafe, Modified ArtSpace, Tammy Coe Cakes, and more.   Feeling hungry?  Your nose will do the walking toward the always awesome Food Truck garden.  Don't feel left out, you gardener types.  You have to go see GrowOp, a great little shop with vintage/found goods and fashion.  Oh, did I forget to mention the entire exterior space is brimming with veggies- along the sidewalk!
If you don't want to venture to far downtown, stay uptown and peep Practical Art, on Central Ave just north of Camelback.  Loads of amazing artisan wares and works of art.  The staff is nice to look at too (Love you guys!).  You can take a stroll for more cool vibes at Frances Vintage where you may not find what you need, but you'll definately find something you want; Stinkweeds music shop where vinyl still lives; and Windsor, and Postino for some fine comfort dining. 
Click here for more details on First Friday.  Now get out and support your local community!
(Cool things you see only at Phoenix First Friday)

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