Tuesday, April 05, 2011

30 Days In The Gardener's Garden: Day5

It's hot!  Well, kinda really warm.  Especially if you're outdoors for more than 30 minutes - try 6 hours.  The forecast called for 87* degrees, and the nice breeze out seemed promising.  I had tree pruning scheduled for my HUGE pine trees.  The guys at Tree Amigos were johnny on the spot and on top of things, literally.

(Andy out on a limb)
I felt inspired, and off I went to do my own band of crazy pruning.  First stop, bougainvillea.   The frost of 2011 left me with a mess-o-dead-stuff.  This was just 2 of 7 bvilla I had to tackle.

(from this...)

(to this!)

After that (and some gauze, witch hazel, bandages, few tears...) I dove into the dubious task of removing my tevitia trees. They got pretty zapped, and that was enough to nudge me to action.  I plan to replace them with white lady banks roses.

(I'm kinda diggin' the open look...for now.)

By this point I was pretty pooped, and so were those Tree Amigos.  So, from the garden to the kitchen I whipped up some tasty refreshments.

(Here's to a day well done)

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