Sunday, April 03, 2011

30 Days In The Gardener's Garden: Day3

It's Sunday, time to relax!  In a minute.  First, I had to harvest some fresh strawberries!  My first [successful] attempt at growing organic strawberries, and I'd say I'm impressed ("Nice work Vynnie."  "Why, thank you, Vynnie").  I got to them just in time too; a baby earwig was already at work on one of them.

My wife and I made a day of it, just on the patio.  Fresh strawberries, french press coffee, a nice breeze, and a whole lot of happy nature. 

(snapdragon, angelita daisy, lavender, penstemon making smiles)


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Sweet Life Garden said...

You deserve a nice day like that, well... we all do. Boy, sure sounds nice! xo Jill