Friday, April 01, 2011

30 Days In The Gardener's Garden: Day1

100* degrees (officially).  Was this an April Fools joke?!?!
Yep, we're already there into the triple digits and I haven't even planted a single tomato yet.   My morning was pretty much consumed with crisis management.  My usual routine of watering my container plants and checking on my starter seeds, included moving all my flats to more protected areas (not that I have much of that).

 (spinach, sweet peas, tomatoes, and more!)

To keep everything extra safe (hopefully), I also set up some quick shade.
(I prefer using frost fabric for shade cover; lightweight and easy to handle)

With things watered and covered, I could proceed with my favorite garden chores - observation and mental journaling. 
  (broccoli re-sprouting after initial harvest - now it's a broccolini)

 (buddleia wooly butterfly bush - perhaps my favorite plant in the garden)

By the time I returned home from a long day out in the sun, the day had topped out at 102* degrees in central phoenix.  Everything was now relaxing in the setting shade with no casualties to speak of.   Whew.  Hello summer (yikes...).

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