Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Was Wrong....

Yep, I thought we were done with the freeze danger.  My wife was adamant we weren't quite in the clear yet.   Since I don't watch much news, I'm not always current on what the 'meteorologists' are talking about.  As I scrambled around the garden in the unrelenting wind, my wife came out to capture me at my most graceful moment.  So cover up,  leave 'em on, and harvest your goodies!
(Surrender Dorothy!)

(Sample of the forced early harvest)


Sue said...

Don't you just hate it when the wife is right?

I have a son/grandson in Mesa-I couldn't believe it when I read the forecast.

Vynnie the Gardener said...

Well, I'm kinda used to her being right. I just hate being wrong about in the garden!

Hope you and yours are keeping warm and surviving the cold. I'll post more next week on how to recover the aftermath. Enjoy!
- vynniethegardener@yahoo.com