Friday, January 07, 2011

Grow it, Cook it - Sweet Potato

One of my favorite foods to cook with is the potato.  It's where french fries come from!   Realistically speaking, I haven't had much luck with russet/white potatoes in the garden, but sweet potatoes are a cinch.  Which is not a bad thing since sweet potatoes are much more nutritious.  
I discovered growing sweet potatoes on a couple of different occasions by accident.  The first was when I dropped a hanging basket brimming with ipomea blackie potato vine.  It exploded when it hit the ground, to find very little soil in the pot, but a cluster of root-bound tubers - potatoes!   
(sweet potato growing in reclaimed chimney flue)
The other time I was turning compost and unearthed a healthy albino potato vine struggling for sunlight, coming from a wedge of sweet potato cast out of the kitchen months ago.
In my case, it took a few seasons (otherwise a really nice sunny location) to produce a handful of small potatoes just using slips (chunks of potato that started growing eyes).  But over time, they should produce better with each season.
Here is one of my easy recipes, "sweet rosemary medallions".  What you'll need:

- 2 med/lg sweet potatoes (slice to medallions)
- 3-6 stems of rosemary (finely chopped)
- olive oil (spray)
- sea salt
- pepper
(ready for the oven)
I lay out the potato slices, lightly spray with oil, sprinkle the rosemary on them, and salt and pepper.  Flip them over and do the same.  
Stick them in the oven on 350* degrees and bake for about 15minutes or until they brown nicely.  
 (roasted chicken breast, baked beans, and rosemary sweet medallions)
I serve them with just about anything from broccoli to brussel sprouts, chicken or fish.  They even work as a cold snack (especially for those late night trips to the kitchen).  


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Oops! Hey Vynnie, we must be on the same wavelength. I love sweet potatoes too. They are such an easy, carefree crop to grow. Love your recipe too!

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I luv this blog!! See mine, "Garden".

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