Saturday, April 10, 2010

Knock, Knock...

Who's there?
Everybody! Xericopia is bursting with visitors these days. Well, not exactly visitors, more like new residents.

Lulu Bird has been banished to her chair, so now the lizards can workout in peace and every
one can come out and play...

Check out the carpenter bee loving some lavender pinata. (When he lands on the bloom, it droops over like a fishing rod. I think it's the bee version of a carnival ride.)

Mr. Mockingbird enjoys some apple while the shy Mr. Thrasher hides in the shadows while. (He prefer peanuts, or even better, dog food nuggets dunked in water.)

Bumble bees are loving some spanish lavender.(Keep your distance. They are feisty about their lavender time.)

Lizabelle is being her usual sassy self (as we sit less than a foot away enjoying the sunset).

The biggest surprise visitor this season has been a ladybug - and she's making babies!! (I think...)

But my favorites in the garden are the worms! The only critters working harder than me and I love it. Who's in your garden this spring?

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Garden Goddess said...

Well, I can top that all - I had a bearded dragon show up in my yard! Probably someones pet, but none the less it totally intrigued Sweet Peae and Mischief. It nipped at Annie's (the pooch) nose!

The Verdin Wren's are back at the sunflowers which tower 7 feet over the garden!

I have plenty of sunflowers if you want a few transplants.

The Garden Goddess