Sunday, January 24, 2010


The rain has been awesome, and now the sky is amazing! Saturday afternoon, my wife and I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful day by taking a walk through the Desert Botanical Garden.

(Chuhuli yucca at DBG)
The rain had stopped, the streets were dry, and the sun was coming out. One thing we overlooked - the forecast! We arrived at the Garden and by the time we made it through the ticket booth we were freezing! It was 52* degrees and very breeze, with lots of clouds.

(Aloe pavillion at DBG)

Aloes were in bloom, gaillardia was spilling onto the paths, and birds chatting about. But it was cold!!!

(Wild Gaillardia at DBG)

So, we briskly made our way around the short loop hoping the fluffy clouds would spread out and let some sun shine through. No such luck. Maybe next weekend...

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Garden Goddess said...

LOL - chilly at 52. I know the feeling great photos BTW.

Happy Digging,
The Garden Goddess