Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting from Recycle

This year I was determined to grow more edibles, but wasn't too thrilled with the idea of spending money on seed starter trays and starter potting mix that I might discover on a dusty shelf next July.

So the 'ol gray-idea-maker kicked in one day while taking out the recycle. Sushi tray? Herb package? Tomato carton? Staring at them in the depths of the big blue can, I slipped into visions of the past where weird chia pet terrariums adorned my mother's kitchen window sill (bustling with tiny gnats and mushrooms).

I rescued the plastic trays from there circular demise; added a layer general potting mix, packed it in and reached for the seeds. I made gentle divots into the soil with the back end of a chop stick, dropped a couple seeds into each divot then covered with a thin layer of more potting mix.

Kale in old plastic sushi tray.
Wildflowers in old plastic herb package.
Okra in old plastic tomato carton.

Started on 30 September, within six days, most of the seeds had germinated (the wildflowers have taken 15 days). I give them a mist of water two times in the morning before work then again in the late afternoon.

Click here to see more pics of my recycled seed starters.

Happy gardening!

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Linda said...

Thank you for inspiring me! I've just rescued from my workplace lunchroom two plastic cupcake containers!