Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's An Invasion!

Oh no - they're here!
And they're taking over my garden!
It's the attack of the Compost Makers!
After years of managing my
rickety compost bins made from recycled pallets, I decided to try these new-fangled eComposter (from CostCo). I started them in May 2009 and I figure they should be done cooking by mid-August.
Stay tuned to see what hatches...


Volunteer abroad India said...

First of all eComposers are easy to use. Their patented design cuts the compost creation time significantly. Its shape and design help eliminate bad odors and controls moisture levels. So I think that is a very good choice.

Nicole Reeves said...

Geez. They really do look like something from H.G. Wells' imagination. Did it work??