Monday, January 26, 2009

New Directions...

With the new year, the inauguration of a new president (and for us in Arizona, a new governor), I was feeling an air of new things - new directions. So this weekend I was inspired to install a new path. For years I had to track through barren grass and mud, back & forth, from my patio to my utility side yard. Not to be defeated by the failed lawn, I turned to inspiration and a shovel.

Installing a paver path is not an easy project, but by no means is it complicated. I want this path to be durable and long lasting, which would entail a good foundation. I did a lot of digging to make sure there would be no bermuda grass visiting me later in the summertime.

I installed some 1"inch gravel as the path base (about 2-3"inches deep). On top of that, about a 1"inch layer of quarter-minus gravel (otherwise known as DG - decomposed granite). This is all packed down well before I set the pavers in place. And the pavers aren't necessarily level; the path needs to slope to prevent puddling.

One clever thing I did, was to build the path out from the patio and build the path from my utility area simultaneously. This way, the two paths come together in the middle and I can make sure they meet evenly. Stay tuned...

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