Monday, July 21, 2008

In The Gardener's Garden

I hope the summer rains have been kind to your gardens. The extreme heat and humidity have taken a few casualties in my garden, but the remaining flora is holding strong.

I’m sure many of you are like me and have taken a hiatus from garden work due to the weather. I try to water and do check-ups early in the morning, and any planting is done after 4pm when ample shade has made its presence. So not to be deterred complete from my garden interests, I’ve turned to the future – planning.

I’ve reviewed old notes in my journals from seasons passed to see what ideas I’ve had for fall time in my garden. Took an inventory on what I’ve planted, what has survived and died over time, and what surprises have come about (salvia and hollyhock seeds continue to impress). I even found some old photos to create a before and after page in my journal. Most of all, I’m taking time to step back and see if my garden is becoming the space I want it to be. My ideas and whims have changed over time, but in my efforts to reduce my water usage, minimize the maintenance needs, and grow more edibles and native adapted plants, my vision has become clear and garden is finally taking shape. With only two major projects remaining to complete, I now see what my garden haven will be for years to come.

Since we can’t always play, plant, and prune during the warm season, summer is the best time to assess the garden and make a plan. Not only thinking of the laborious tasks – the planting, paths, gravel, drip – but also the connection times – visiting guests, holiday travels, weekend parties, relaxing mornings. Developing a calendar of social events will help outline the scheduling of the projects in the garden. That way you won’t have to keep people from the ignoring mess behind the blue curtain.

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