Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In The Gardener's Garden - 2008JUN29

Welp, it certainly is summertime. Now into our sixth week of temperatures above 110* degrees, my garden is starting to feel it. My 10ft hollyhocks have all gone to seed. All the gailardia is dry. My geraniums are ready for the compost pile. I don't even want to talk about my dead tomato things. But that's what my garden should be doing right now - it's 110* degrees! The southwest is praised for the ability to grow great gardens year-round. However, most expect the wrong greatness from the garden. This time of the year is when desert adapted and heat loving plants thrive. The lavender pinata is ready for a light haircut to make room for more blooms. Queen's wreath vine (antignon leptopus) is just waking up in my garden. My justicia spicigera hasn't even slowed down on blooming. So right now, I spend time in the garden watching a few things die and fade away. Some things are gone for good, which were fun to try and play with. Other things are gone for now, and will likely return in the cool season or next spring. All out of sight out of mind. I'm going to enjoy the summer season waiting for more surprise survivors to show me their stuff.

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